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This is Got Buckey. If this is your first visit, then read my disclaimer first. If you've been here before, then you know what to expect. Offensive pictures. Rude comments. Politically incorrect references to the female anatomy. Rants about things that really don't matter, but piss me off all the same. I'm an asshole, so share my anger.

The Latest
A Letter to Vince Young (Addendum)


     In a post, originally dated January 4, 2006 (found here), I wrote a public letter to Vince Young, asking him to consider going pro. Reading that letter today, I didn’t realize how awkwardly off I would be. At the same time, I didn’t realize how amazingly well that would work out for me.(read more...)

Have a Mel Gibson New Year


     The presents have all been open. You’re full after a large Christmas dinner with your parents. Christmas is over and some of the non-believers have taken down their trees already. Now you’ve got this awkward 4-day work week between Christmas and that cherished holiday we all know as New Years. (read more...)

My Wish List


     If you’re looking for some last second gift ideas for me, here’s my Christmas list. Don’t waiver from this list. Get me what I want.(read more...)

Beat It, Jews


     One week until Christmas. Yes, Christmas. Not Kwanza. Not Hanukkah...(read more...)

GotBuckey Updated


     Nearly 8 months after the last bit of updated content on this site, GotBuckey’s pages have been renewed with a new coat of paint.

Many believed GB was gone for good. Including myself. But this just proves what boredom can drive you to do. Enjoy, everyone.